Clean Energy

Astral Solar, a community solar energy provider, brings renewable electricity from Solar Farms (no panels on your site) with up to 10% savings of your current electric bill. We are on this program! Visit Speak to Cara Humphrey for more information and let her know we sent you. Think about joining the clean energy movement.

Our On-site Recycling Center

Isn’t this an amazing photo? No trick photography! At the very beginning when Behn’s Best Perennials first opened our doors we established on on-site recycling center which collects, flats, pots and other non-biodegradable supplies for either re-use or shipping out to a recycling facility. Aside from environmental benefits, the recycling program provides a helpful service to landscape contractors and other industry professionals: They have a good reason to come back to Behn’s and see what’s new at the nursery. No homeowner recycling please.