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  Rudbeckia fulgida 'Goldsturm'
Anemone hupehensis - Fall Windflower

Sempervivum tectorum - Hens and Chicks

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We require only that you enter your email address as you begin an ordering (from the "order" button on the front page). However, we'll obviously also need to know where to deliver plants if you expect the truck to pull up at the expected time and location. This form will help you provide what we need to know (which includes your phone number, in case we need to consult you to fill the order). Please fill in the information below and mail or fax it to Behns:



We don't sell, lease, lend, or otherwise disseminate the information you provide. We use it only to communicate with you or to deliver plants where you want to receive them. In other words, we share this information with no-one unless a court requires that we do so.

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Hemerocallis x hybridus 'Little Grapette'